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In my role as a senior product designer at Webstacks, I partnered with Calendly to elevate their online presence and drive traffic to their digital products. Across a year-long journey, I led the redesign of their entire website in agile two-week sprints. This encompassed the development and upkeep of a comprehensive design system rooted in atomic design principles. Additionally, I crafted prototypes for presentation to crucial stakeholders and infused user interactions with engaging motion graphics, enhancing the overall experience.


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Senior Designer


Kate Kassab – Senior Designer


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Business Challenges

Navigating the design landscape for Calendly presented several notable challenges. Initially, Calendly was often perceived merely as a scheduling link, failing to capture the full extent of its capabilities. The existing website suffered from a static and uninspiring presentation, lacking the cohesiveness required to align with the brand's distinct identity. One of the most pressing issues was the absence of personalization – a substantial number of frequent users were greeted with the same content and experience as those new to the platform, undermining the potential for deeper engagement and connection. Overcoming these obstacles demanded a strategic approach that seamlessly merged innovation with branding, and ensured that the website resonated with users of all levels of familiarity with the product.


Addressing these challenges required a multifaceted approach. First, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign that breathed life into Calendly's image. By infusing the website with dynamic visuals and aligning it closely with the brand's identity, we transformed it from static into a vibrant online presence that resonated with users. To tackle the issue of personalization, we implemented a user-centric strategy. Through data analysis and user feedback, we devised a personalized content delivery system. This ensured that returning users encountered tailored experiences, enhancing their engagement and fostering a sense of connection with the platform.

Redesigned Calendly general audience homepage as of September 2023.

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