Logofolio 2020-2021

A collection of logos that didn't see the light of day

Instead of sending my unused logos to a design graveyard, I decided to showcase some of my favorite ones from the past year on this page. I designed these logos at Studio Misfits, I do not hold the rights to these designs.






Warren Ellison – Creative Direction



Get Hyped– Influencer Marketing

Get Hyped is a leading influencer marketing agency helping CPG and D2C lifestyle brands connect with their target market through social media. During the branding exploration process, I designed many concepts that never saw the light of day. To convey 'hype' and social media in the logo, I used the @ sign and exclamation to hint at what the brand was all about. The client ended up liking another direction more, and you can view the live site and branding system that I designed here. The unused logos are below.

Patty Jo's
Chicken Shack

Patty Jo’s chicken shack is one part of a three restaurant ghost kitchen in NYC. The client wanted the brand to embody a strong independent female persona. I came up with the concept of using a hen instead of the typical rooster, and adding the “Rosey the Riverter” bandana.


BBQ HQ is the second part of the three restaurant ghost kitchen in NYC. The client wanted the brand to be masculine, industrial, and bold. I took inspiration from vintage signs in metal fabrication shops.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk is the third part of the three restaurant ghost kitchen in NYC. The client wanted this brand to be more playful, so I designed a little take out box caricature on three wheels to represent the tuk tuk vehicles that the restaurant is named after. He is determined to get the food delivered in a timely manner!

Laguna Beach Properties

Laguna Beach Properties is a real estate management company that has been around since 1980. At Studio Misfits, we took on their rebrand, but the logos below were not chosen by the client.

Arbiters of Taste

Arbiters of Taste is a high end concierge service that offers delivery and valet to individuals with high net-worth. The first logo highlights the coastal location of the service, as well as an A and a T hidden inside. The second logo has multiple levels of symbolism: A crown to symbolize wealth, a food dome to represent the food delivery, an A and a T hidden inside, all encompassed in a crest to reflect the exclusive nature of the club.

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