Elevating OctoAI's digtial presence with a cohesive brand Identity and atomic design system

OctoML, previously catering to businesses, aimed to pivot their target audience, emphasizing developers. With the introduction of their new product, the OctoAI compute service, there was a pressing need for a complete reinvention of their online presence. The challenge? Designing model demo pages and creating an environment where users could test and run models directly on the site.


UI Design




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Tracy Yu – Engineer
Mary Ferrer – Engineer


OctoML via Webstacks

Background & Context

OctoML's initial offering allowed companies to swiftly optimize and package trained models for more cost-efficient inferences across various hardware targets. With the introduction of their new product, the OctoAI compute service, they required a design that resonated with a more technically inclined audience, specifically developers.

Old layouts

Research & Discovery

A thorough market analysis was executed to assess current trends in the space, which further informed product positioning. The objective was to ensure that OctoML's new direction was not just appealing but was aligned with the evolving market landscape.

Design Process

After the research phase, I embarked on a design journey that began with crafting three unique landing pages, each sporting a distinct design style. Presenting these designs to OctoML led us to converge on one specific visual approach. This decision paved the way for designing the complete site. With an open line of communication, the client was looped in at every pivotal juncture. Leveraging the principles of atomic design, I built a comprehensive design system containing atoms, molecules, and organisms, which became the bedrock for a consistent and coherent user experience. During the development phase, I closely collaborated with the development team, ensuring they were equipped with all essential resources and addressing any concerns. Please view a brief run though of the design system below.

The Solution

Octoml's transformation culminated in a polished, professional online presence. This reflected their expertise and the high-caliber services they offered. We rolled out with four model pages, providing users a sandbox to experience the models before committing to a subscription.

New layouts

Model Pages

Stylized Product UI

Docs pages

Results & Impact

Post-launch, Octoml experienced a surge in their capabilities. They introduced the Stable Diffusion XL endpoint, generating top-tier AI images in under 10 seconds. Moreover, the design system I initiated became a staple, guiding the internal team in designing new offerings, ensuring consistency and brand alignment.

β€œOne of Brandon's most remarkable traits is his unparalleled design vision. He has an innate ability to envision the big picture while paying meticulous attention to the finest details. This skill allows him to create products that not only look stunning but also function flawlessly. His designs have consistently exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impression on clients and end-users alike.”

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