Uncharted Collection

web booking service for curated yacht experiences

During my time at Studio Misfits, I was tasked with designing a web booking experience for a yacht charter service called Uncharted Collections. They provide a unique yacht experience in the Virgin Islands that includes daily chef cooked meals.


UI Design


Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop


Warren Ellison – Creative Direction
Charles Caguioa – Project Management
Abbie Haughie – Web Development


Uncharted Collections


After establishing the sitemap with the client, my first step is to build wireframes as high fidelity as possible. This allows me to take a holistic approach of organizing the content in a user-friendly way without completely ignoring the visual structure.

User-Flow Prototyping

Once I complete the wireframes, I create a working prototype of a user-flow in Figma. I then walk the client through the prototype step by step, explaining the design decisions along the way. Once this process is complete and I have feedback from the client, I then refine the prototype to provide clarity to the developer later in the process. (The image below reflects the prototype after the visual design was completed and refined.)

Design Elements

The client provided only a logo and photography to begin the project. I selected the typography, color palette, and sprinkled in some vectors that enhanced the ethos of the brand. Freight Display Pro was the choice for headings, while GT America Mono was selected to contrast the serif letter forms but keep a consistent X-height among the pair. These four colors below act as the primary color palette for the brand, though the design system for the site consists of several variations of these values.

Beach Beige
Sea Spray
Wave Blue
Deep Sea Blue

Finished Layouts

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